Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Day in Pictures

Back by popular demand...my day in pictures.

Warning: photo overload is about to commence.

6:45. Unfortunately this is about what I look like that early in the morning!

7:15. After a shower and some mascara. A bit better.

7:15. Coffee, a vitamin, and checking email.

7:30. Bambino's up!

Taking her overnight 'sposie to the trash.


Mama's multitasking: making the grocery list while Lane eats.

Reading post-breakfast.

Ugh...make the bed.


8:15. Breakfast and Bible time.

9:00. Chores.

Fold these.

So we can wash and hang these.

Daddy's work station.

9:45. Heading to the park.

Ahh. I love this view.

Run on the track at the park.

Play in the dirt.

Bum a balloon off another kid.

Noon. Home. Leftovers for lunch.

Dessert. Thanks, Sarah!

12:30. Stories and nap time.

1:00. More chores. Clothes are hung.

Thaw a chicken for dinner on Thursday.

Dinner prep.


Making buttermilk bread.

Snoozing hard!

Cookie dough.

Clean up the mess!

3:30. Lane's up! Play a bit.

She loves these guys.

Going to the bakkal for our groceries. They're bribing Lane with a mandarin.

It worked. But she's more interested in the strawberries.

4:45. Daddy's done with work! Heading to the park. Again.





Daddy went too fast and landed on his bottom!

6:05. Home. Dinner.

6:45. Brushing teeth.

Bible story. Singing. Bedtime.

And here is where the photos end. Photos of me working on the computer are boring, as are photos of me unclogging our bathtub drain.

We're going to have family worship and head to bed ourselves!


  1. loved your post and photos. I am going to have to borrow your idea and try this one day. We have those same water jugs and Cruz loves to play with them.

  2. Great photos! I almost feel like I've hung out with you today. =)

  3. Looks like you had a great day!

  4. So are those hills in your view at the park in Europe or Asia?
    I love when little ones sleep like that!

  5. so can you teach me how to do chores that quickly. I seems like it takes me a year to hang up and fold laundry and put it away, I do have a drying rack and lines. Granted I'm doing most of this while holding a baby, but still you vaccuumed and did laundry in 45 minutes that's amazing.

  6. We really enjoyed this at work.
    More pictures, please!!
    Love, Joyce.


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