Monday, March 14, 2011

A Package from Sarah

We got a package, we got a package!

My friend Sarah, whom I've known for almost ten years now, asked me awhile back if there was anything we needed because she wanted to send us a package. She lived in Spain for awhile so she knows the joy of getting packages from home! When she asked we didn't need anything at the time, so I asked her if we could wait and compile a list for later, to which she of course said ok!

Fast forward a couple of months: I burned some popcorn in one of the pots in our new apartment and wished beyond anything I had some SOS pads to scrub the burned bits out of the pot. A couple of my favorite sweaters were getting static-y, despite using fabric softener, and I longed for a dryer sheet to rub on the sweater to take the static away. One of my two tubes of Blistex was down to the plastic insert and I was having to use my fingernails to scrape it out. And I still don't like the Clean & Clear facewash that's available here and wished for St. Ive's.

So we sent Sarah our list.

And look what we got! Apricot scrub, vanilla pudding (to go with bananas and our last box of Nilla wafers), Reece's pieces, peanut M&M's, dryer sheets, SOS pads, Blistex, and a heart cookie cutter!

The Blistex has already replaced the old Blistex, which promptly got thrown into the trash. Our pots (well, the family whose home we're living in's pots) are now shiny clean again. I'm going to make sugar cookies and use the rest of the candy clay that's leftover from Lane's birthday cake to decorate them. And we're going to get to have banana pudding for dessert this week!

One of the things I loved the most about this package was the way things were packaged. You could totally tell that Sarah's lived overseas before, because everything was out of it's package if the packaging was cumbersome and put into ziplocs instead. She included everything we asked for and a couple of surprises as well! Thanks so, so much, Sarah (and Ian) for thinking of us and sending us all of our boring requests! We're so thankful for everything!

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  1. I love getting packages from home! You got a lot of great goodies!!


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