Monday, March 7, 2011

Hide and Seek

One of Lane's current favorite activities is putting things into something else and then taking them out. Think, putting clothes into the laundry hamper or laundry basket and then whining until I take them out so she can do it again. Putting clothes pins into a bowl, cup, or laundry basket. Putting her snack crackers into her bowl and dumping them out. And so on.

She also likes to play "hide and seek." She hides behind something (curtains, usually) and we'll come "get" her or she'll poke her head out at us. We've recently started hiding her stuffed giraffe (we're thinking about naming him "Raffi." Yay or nay?) and other toys under things: pillows, blankets, our shirts, etc. So the other night Lane came up with her own game, combining hide-and-seek with put-something-into-something-else. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

"Well, this is something new to try..."

"You've got them, daddy!"

"I know they're in there!"

"I think I see them..."

"Oh, yup, there they are!"

"Got one!"

***On a side note, Amy, these are the photos I told you I took to test out our camera in low light and with a quick-moving kiddo. Not bad, huh?***


  1. Nice Pics... thanks for letting me know. Still debating and hoping to make a decision by my bday (May). We'll see!!!


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