Wednesday, August 19, 2009

20 Weeks

My pants are finally starting to get tight!

Well, it's happened: I'm halfway there. It's a little crazy to think that we've known now for 3 1/2 months that our family of two will soon become three. It's also crazy to think of everything else that has happened in the last 3 1/2 months: we graduated, went to Hawaii, Virginia, and Texas, and I went to Alaska. This summer has reminded me slightly of the summer before we got married, although this one has been a bit more slow: we haven't been to Venezuela or Florida this summer!

Everything seems to be going ok with Baby Scarbrough. I still haven't felt him/her move yet, but hopefully I will by my next ultrasound next Friday. We still don't know if it's a girl or a boy: hopefully we will by next Friday! But I have had a bit more energy (I don't need a nap every day, only on days I have to be at work before the sun rises). I'm still quite hungry a lot of the time, which is annoying, but I'm trying to keep fruit and homemade bread/muffins in the house: the fruit for the nutrition, and the bread simply to fill the empty space in my stomach. I'm not in maternity clothes yet (obviously), but I can see the need for some new pants in the next month or so: my before-"loose" jeans are now fairly tight.

Anyways, that's all that's up as far as Baby Scarbrough goes. I'm going to write another post later this week about what else is up with us.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

16 Weeks, 18 Weeks, and More Pregnancy Stuff

So, sorry it's been awhile since I updated. I keep having great intentions of updating more frequently, but I have just been so tired. Working 30 hours a week and trying to keep food in the house and the apartment clean is proving to be about as much as I can handle these days.

I am going to try to be better at updating though. I'm starting with pregnancy photos because I know that's what our families want to see the most, and hopefully this weekend I'll get to posting about our trip to Texas last week for Marci's wedding, our 2nd anniversary, and Shannon's 35th birthday.

We went to the doctor yesterday for my 18-week ultrasound, and all looks good with the baby! Baby Scarbrough is healthy, but wouldn't show us if it's a girl or a boy. Baby was sitting on its feet, head up, and facing my spine. No way were we getting any gender shots! However, we do have to go back in three weeks so the technician can get some shots of the heart chambers, because while the heartbeat is strong, she couldn't actually see the heart to make sure it's developing properly. So we'll get another shot in 3 weeks to find out if it's a girl or a boy!

She also told me that I have an anterior placenta, which basically means there's an extra layer of padding between the baby and my stomach, so I probably won't feel the baby move as early as many people. Instead of feeling the baby for the first time at 18-20 weeks, it will probably be sometime after that before I start feeling Baby Scarbrough's kicks for the first time.

Two weeks ago, when I was 16 weeks pregnant.

I was worried that the doctor would be upset with me for not gaining any weight since my 12-week appointment, but I was happily surprised when the scales showed I had gained four pounds. I don't really know where it all went...I can still wear all of my regular clothes. My belly is a teensy bit bigger, but I only really notice it when I'm lying on my back. Anyhow, the baby was measuring between 16 and 17 weeks in size, but I think it's just a small baby. I'm pretty sure I'm actually 18 weeks along and baby is just small because we don't eat a lot of junk food around here!

Three days ago, when I was 18 weeks pregnant.

So that's about all that's up with Baby Scarbrough! I'm feeling just fine, other than being tired. I keep waiting for that 2nd trimester "burst of energy" to come, but I don't think it's going to. Oh well, at least I'm not sick! All in all, it's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far, and I have nothing to complain about. So until I find the time and energy to update again, pray that baby will show us the goods on August 28th!