Monday, April 6, 2015

11 Months Old

Dear Raye,

A few days ago you turned 11 months old. You'll be one soon, and I'm a little amazed at how quickly this year has gone by. Before I know it you'll be the five-year old in this house. But for now I'll just soak up your grins and giggles.

This month you got three teeth, all on the top. The last one gave you a lot of trouble for awhile but it finally came through and you were almost immediately happier. I think you might be starting to cut some molars already, though, because you're still pulling on your ears and have some pretty nasty diapers, as seems to be par for the course with teething Scarbrough babies. But you're pretty cute for now with your front eight. You bite your tongue on accident quite frequently which is oh-so-sad and yet oh-so-funny at the same time.

Showin' off the chompers. And the haircut.

This month I finally had to give you a little haircut. Your bangs were just getting a little out of control, long and stringy, so I let you lie down on the floor and hold onto something forbidden while I snipped them a bit. It's made for a lot less food in your hair these days.

Speaking of food, you're a fan. Seriously, you eat a ton. We can't figure out where you put it all, but you are hungry. You've had just about everything except citrus fruits, nuts, honey, and obviously anything really sweet (although you have had things like waffles with a bit of syrup, applesauce, sweet breads, etc.). You drink really well from a cup and we're working on getting you to drink from a straw, but you're not very interested yet. We'll be traveling next week and I'm really hoping you figure it out before then, but if not...I guess I'll just have to tote a plastic cup around with us.

Raye, you weaned yourself this month and it made me really sad. You bit me once and I gasped and told you "NO!" and you went on strike for a day. And then the next time you bit me and I gasped you just decided you were done. You haven't nursed since. I would have been more okay with the whole thing if you had given me some indication that you were about done, but to go cold turkey on me...really not cool, girl. I've upped your daily cheese and yogurt intake and have let you go straight to cow's milk. You don't seem to love it, but you get probably 8-12 ounces in a day so far, so we'll take it. I tried to give you a bottle and you would have nothing to do with it, so it kind of limited my options, you know?

You are a crawling machine these days. You're fast. And you're quick at cruising, too, but you have no interest in walking at all. If I try to hold your hands and let you walk you just drop to your bottom, or arch your back and push your tummy forward so that you're forced to your knees. I'm quite curious as to when you actually will take interest in trying to walk, because as of now, your interest level is about .05%. Or practically non-existent.

You're into all 12-month clothes these days and you hate shoes, which is alright since you don't need to wear them often, but is really annoying when they need to stay on and you're doing everything you can to kick them off. I guess it's a good thing you're not interested in walking yet, because with walking guessed it: shoes. So maybe you'll decide you like shoes about the time you want to walk. And then we'll have a winning combination on our hands.

You figured out how to stick out your tongue this month, and you love to stick it out, especially if someone else sticks theirs out at you. You also love to clap. You clap at the right point in "pat-a-cake" and if someone says "yay!" You wave bye-bye anytime someone says "bye-bye," and sometimes for "hi," too. And sometimes you look at us and just throw both of your hands up in the air with a big grin. It's super cute. You finally said "mama" this month and say it frequently now, but it's usually when you're crying about something and want me to rescue you. You're also doing lots of babbling and spitting, much like last month. You're just a cutie-pie, all around.

Raye, we love you so much. You're so laid-back and content to crawl around and play with whatever you can get your hands on. You love to be tickled and played with and give us great bit laughs and grins when we play one-on-one with you, but you also enjoy playing alone in the room with someone else or getting into whatever your sisters are playing with. You're easy-going and content if your diaper is dry and your belly is full. You sleep all night and take 1-2 good naps each day. I love you, sweetie, and am so grateful for you.