Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I can hear myself think. I can feel myself being more productive. And I'm going to have time to read a book this evening...or at least complete my homework.

Anyone wondering why?

Because I gave up facebook.

I didn't give it up for good. But I did give it up for the month. I'll be logging in on Sundays to check my messages (because unvariablely some people will not know/notice that I haven't been on, or that I gave warning I wouldn't be on) and check photos of some friends' new babies. But in general I am not responsible for knowing what's going on with all 400ish of my friends for the next 4 weeks and 1 day.

And I love it.

(I love her too, climbing on the furniture and all.)

You see, I love keeping up with everyone, I really do. I love being able to let everyone know I had a rough day, or that Lane knows a new word, or whatever. I love knowing who got engaged, who's having babies, who's moving, and so on. I love being able to post photos and videos for my family and friends. But I can't just keep it at that. There's something inside of me that feels guilty if I log on and don't find out what's going on with everyone. I can't log into facebook and not check everyone's statuses and/or look at their photos. And then there are the times when I know that something big is going to happen, like that someone's due to have a baby any day, that I just can't help but check in way more than I should.

So I figured I was due for a break. I even had Shannon change my password so I wouldn't be tempted to log on. It's great knowing that all of my family and really close friends have my email address and will email me if they want to talk to me. And everyone else, well, I still love you all but I'm glad to be free from the expectation of knowing where and what you ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner yesterday, what your baby's new word/trick is, how much you love or hate the current weather, or what your favorite Bible verse of the day is. I like that the world is smaller these days...but sometimes it seems too small, ya know?

What to do when it's cold outside? Practice putting clothes pins in different containers, of course!

I will still be updating this blog about as often as I always have for those who are interested in what's up with us in Istanbul. But I'm also going to read a book this month. I'm going to upload lots of photos to my shutterfly account in order to make a back-up disc. I'm going to do some online shopping for some things for my in-laws to bring us when they come next month. I'm going to actually watch some movies with my dear husband. I might even read the news. And I'm going to be grateful for technology that allows us to be so connected, and rejoice in the fact that I can let go of it for a month and not keel over dead from lack of communication.

All that being said, if you are reading this in facebook and leave me a comment there, I will not see it until April. If you want to comment and for me to see it, come to the blog and post it over here! And come vote for me too, please! Come on over to the blog and click here to vote. Mwah!


  1. Wow. Well said, Michelle. You've inspired me. I'm glad you'll still be blogging. I love your blog, by the way!

  2. Good for you! I am giving up tv for the next six weeks for similar reasons!!

  3. Oh, so sweet. She's such a darling! Love your pics!
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