Friday, April 1, 2011

We Got a Package!...Kind of.

We have some friends back in North Carolina who knew someone who was going to be traveling to Istanbul on business. So, they emailed us and asked us if we wanted him to bring us anything. This would be the first time that we had a chance to ask for something we've been craving.

Cheddar cheese.

We asked for a block of cheddar cheese and some peppermint flavoring. (I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago and think they'd be fantastic with mint-flavored frosting.) We'd been told that it's possible to bring cheese on an airplane, that it just gets soft but the taste is still the same. We figured we'd try it out.

So, on Wednesday we hiked it over to where Curt was having his business meetings. He presented us with a large ziploc baggie full of:

Loot! Easter candy, a cute shirt and socks for Lane, FOUR blocks of cheddar cheese (one was...unpresentable due to our munching on it!), and peppermint flavoring (not pictured).

Oh. my. yum. That cheddar, so delicious. It's been almost nine months since we had real cheddar. And this is sharp cheddar. So good. Lane loves it, too! You can buy white cheddar here, but it comes in packages with five slices...and costs five lira. One lira per slice. That's about $.65 per slice. PER SLICE. And it's just not the same.

I digress.

Thanks so much for the CHEDDAR! And for the other stuff, too...but the cheddar...oh, the cheddar...

I digress again. =)

Seriously, thanks to Curt for hauling our loot over here! And thanks to Thomas and Leslie, and anyone else who contributed to our little "package"...we're enjoying everything so much!

Especially the cheddar.


  1. You're welcome lady! Glad it all made it to you. Enjoy!

  2. wow. that's some expensive white cheddar! glad you were able to rekindle the cheddar taste bud flame. :)

  3. I haven't had cheddar in forever. I live in the land of cheese and yet cheddar is nowhere to be found! Enjoy!!


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