Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes #1

I have a friend who does a blog post on Fridays called "7 Quick Takes." I'm stealing it today. While I probably won't usually do it (and today's a Monday, anyways), today it seemed appropriate.

1. Shannon's going on a business trip tomorrow, and I get to go with him! Lane's coming too...I'm not sure how much "fun" we'll have, but it sure will be nice to get out of Istanbul for a few days! Don't be expecting a blog post for at least a week.

2. I'm getting a Mac in 13 days when my in-laws come. I can't wait. One of my current problems is that I can only send one email at a time through one of my accounts in Windows Mail. Then I have to restart my computer before I can send another one. And it doesn't remember my password even though I have my settings set to remember it. So irritating. My new mantra is "this would never happen on a Mac." I hope it proves to be true.

3. Yesterday we went to Moe's. Yes, there is a Moe's in Istanbul now! Let me just say that our first Tex-Mex in nine months was fantastic.

Isn't Shannon ever the multitasker? Actually, I think he was just afraid to put his burrito down...

4. Last week was "Italian Week" at the Scarbrough household. The dinner schedule: Monday: spaghetti. Tuesday: zucchini lasagna. Wednesday: pizza. Thursday: vegetarian lasagna. Friday: pasta primavera. It was a yummy week!

5. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike ironing? Ugh. I'm ironing all of Shannon's dress shirts and khakis and suit pants and ugh, ugh, ugh.

6. Is this not the cutest thing ever? And these? And this? Eeek, at the cuteness!

7. I went to the OBGYN for the first time in Turkey about two weeks ago. FYI: you do not have to take off ALL of your clothes like you do in America. Just your bottoms. I'm sure the doctor and the nurse were laughing at me, but how was I supposed to know? I've only ever been in America! Let's just say it was a lesson learned the hard way.

There you have it, my 7 quick takes, since I've neglected my blog for a week or so. Anyone out there have a "quick take" you care to share?


  1. I am a MAC convert and swear I will never go back to a PC! I'm so jealous that you got to have Tex/Mex...and that menu looks delicious, especially the zucchini lasagna! yum. Have fun on your trip!

  2. I heard about a lady who went to the dr for the first time back in the States after years on the field in a country where you always took off all your clothes, first thing, no matter what you went in for. Boy, was that doctor surprised!

  3. Once you go Mac you never go back ;)


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