Saturday, December 4, 2010

We Want Your Vote!

A few months ago, I joined Top Mommy Blogs. It's an online forum for any blog related to being a mommy. I've found some neat sites since joining, and have found encouragement for the journey of motherhood as well. (I've also found some blogs that are horribly boring as well. If you think mine is one of those, please don't finish reading this post!)

So here's the deal: I really, really want you to vote for me! If you enjoy reading my posts here on Scarbrough Fair, would you do me a favor? Would you click on the link below? Please?

A few of the blogs I frequent say things like "I've met so many great readers through this site...please vote for me!", or "I'm not big into popularity contests but I really want your vote..." And it bothers me. Because it's all a bunch of crap. Everyone likes to "win," myself included. People should just say so. I'd love to be ranked number 1 instead of number 598.

I have no illusions (or delusions!) that I'll ever actually be ranked number 1. But I do know this about myself: when I know that people are reading, I want to write more. And I know that I can get more readers by getting you to vote for me, because then I could be a "featured blogger" or get onto one of the first pages on Top Mommy Blogs (instead of on the 47th, which let's face it, nobody ever gets to).

So if you have a couple of seconds, and if you enjoy my posts, would you do me a favor and go vote? Click on the link below, that's all you have to do. (If you're reading in facebook, come to my blog and then click, otherwise it won't count.) Easy-peasy! You can even vote every day if you want! Thanks!

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


  1. Done & done :)...or just done I guess lol

  2. OK, I was wrong. How do I vote? I went there & found you but can't figure out how to vote for you. I thought just clicking was enough...apparently I was wrong, or was I? Help!

  3. I think that just clicking on the banner (ie: going to Top Mommy Blogs from my blog) is enough. They changed things recently, so I think that's how it works now. Thanks for voting for me!


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