Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Bit about the Mop

Vacuuming. Sweeping. Mopping. Cleaning toilets.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to what those are?

Chores I hate. Notice how the list is decidedly lopsided? I really, really hate cleaning floors. There's just something about cleaning floors that seems pointless. I mean, it never fails that less than 10 minutes after you've swept and mopped that someone comes along with muddy shoes, spills apple juice (oh-so-sticky yet clear enough that you can't see it), or gets crumbs all over the place. I sweep and later that day you can't even tell I ever did it.

All this loathing of cleaning floors may stem from my teenage years, when I had two little brothers and one of my sister's and my chores was to vacuum the entire house every. single. day. Ugh, what an awful chore for a 13-year old! Now, of course, I understand, since Lane is all over our floors and manages to find the only itty bitty teeny tiny piece of anything that the vacuum missed. Or dead bugs...yes, she's found those too.

And now that we have a Turkish babysitter who comes while we have language class, I'm even more paranoid about how clean my floors are. Normally I don't care all that much. But she plays on the floor with Lane a lot and I don't want for her to think we're filthy because there are a few dust bunnies and our windows aren't spotless all the time.

Anyways, all that to say that I swept and mopped the kitchen, entry, and bathroom just 2 days ago. Today we had lasagna for dinner and of course Lane now loves to drop things over the side of her chair and watch them SPLAT on the floor. The other day she was naked before we were going to take a shower when she squatted down to pick something up and her bottom touched the floor, which was cold, so she peed all over the floor. Every morning, as the used coffee filter is en route to the garbage can, Shannon drips coffee on the floor in front of the refrigerator. And I spilled a jug of ayran which ran down the cabinets and what wasn't absorbed into the kitchen rug pooled on the floor.

Yeah, I think I'll mop again in...March. That's soon enough, right?

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