Friday, December 17, 2010

A Package from Mom

Well, after receiving this package from my mom, she told me that she had sent two, so I've been waiting on the other one to arrive before posting about it. However, since it's the end of the week and we usually get our packages on Thursdays, I guess we won't be getting it very soon. I hope it's here by Christmas, though...I think there's a pair of white tights to go with Lane's Christmas dress inside...

Fun stuff! A stocking for Lane, window clings, Christmas cookie cutters, more vanilla, stocking clips, paper plates and napkins and a musical candle for Lane's 1st birthday, and handmade hats!

This was a super fun package to receive. We have some Christmas stuff that we brought with us, but we didn't have a stocking for Lane. We didn't have any cookie cutters. And window clings are just fun!

Only after getting all the pieces stuck to the window did I realize the tree is crooked...

And the hats! I had asked Mom to make Lane some hats, because she only had the one kitty cat hat, which is a bit big on her and falls over her eyes sometimes and totally ticks her off. So Mom made Lane four hats! Now we have a variety. They are all SO cute! If anyone wants to have her make one for your kids, I can hook you up. :-) I've told her to open an etsy shop, but she's just not sold on the idea yet.

This one is my favorite. I actually asked Mom to make me one to match. Is that sad? That's how cute I think it is!

Thanks, Mom, for all the loot! It sure has been fun, and we can't wait to get the other package!

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