Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lane's First Snow

This past weekend we took a little vacation to see some friends in another city in Turkey. We had a blast, staying up late talking and playing cards, which is something we haven't done much since having Lane, due to needing to stay at home because of the kiddo's bedtime and the fact that most of our other friends have kids and can't come to us because of their kiddos' bedtimes. It was so much fun. On Saturday as we were walking to the bus stop it was slushing snow, but Lane didn't seem too interested in it, nor did we have time to stop and let her play in it. So while we were on vacation, when it started to snow one day, I rushed to bundle Lane up and get her outside in order to check out the snowflakes.

Unfortunately the snow was coming down so lightly that she barely even noticed it. She was much more interested in rocks on the ground and on getting her hat and gloves off:

Isn't her coat totally adorable? When I tried it on her for the first time one of the other little girls that we know said, "She looks like an old woman." Ha! Totally true. I love it though...only babies and old women can really get away with wearing fake fur on their collars and cuffs.

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  1. She looks beautiful! I love the coat!
    (Do I vote for you once, or every time I read a post?)

  2. such an adorable winter outfit! I love it!

  3. Kecia, you can vote once per day if you want to. The stats are an average of the last month's votes, so I need to get regular votes over the course of each month, not just a whole bunch in one day. Does that make sense? Thanks for voting for me!

  4. That is one cute coat and a cute girl in it!! =)


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