Friday, December 3, 2010


After taking some time earlier today to think about which goals I wanted to set for myself this month, I finally decided on a few. I'm trying to go easy on them this month, because I know that because of Christmas and a small vacation that we're planning on taking I won't have as much time as I usually would. I'd rather set goals that are attainable and then be successful than to aim high and fail. So, I present to you, my goals for December.

In relation to God:
1) Memorize...a verse. I haven't chosen which one yet.
2) Read my Bible daily in accordance with my read-through-the-Bible-in-one-year plan. Only 28 days to go and I'll have finished it!
3) Listen to 1 online sermon.
4) Make a monthly prayer calendar.
5) Read "Shepherding a Child's Heart."

In relation to my family:
1) Have a date night without Lane.
2) Take Lane outside every day for at least 15-20 minutes unless it's raining.
3) Take a 2-3 day vacation to another city in Turkey.
4) Go to the park once a week as a family.
5) Visit a new part of Istanbul by public transportation.
6) Be in bed, lights out, by 10:30.

Personal goals:
1) Do a trial run on Lane's birthday cake.
2) Make our bed every day.
3) Offer Shannon a back massage every night.
4) Try 2 new recipes.
5) Finish our Christmas shopping and order photos for Lane's scrapbook.
6) Get out of bed by 6:00.
7) Take a pair of pajama pants and 3 tanks I bought to a seamstress and have them taken up.
8) Do 4 pages in Lane's scrapbook.

We'll see how I do this month...I know it's going to be a little insane. We'll have guests for a few days, we're planning on taking a short vacation for a few days, and Christmas is just around the corner. Shannon hasn't been feeling well today, and I just know that this month is going to fly by.'s to a new month and new goals!

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  1. Great goals!!

    Can I make a parenting book suggestion? We've read Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk and really love it!!!

    Lane is a cutie and WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS A CHILD DRESSED IN A PINK DRESS IS A BOY!! Very strange! She's precious!


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