Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Package!

Today we received another package! This one was from my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Tommy. Every year they send us a Christmas book, so when Aunt Teresa sent me an email saying that she'd mailed us a package, I was expecting a Christmas book. Look what else we got:

2 Christmas books, coffee beans, flavored ground coffee, and HOLIDAY Snickers!

Upon opening the package, Lane promptly started chewing on her book and on the mini coffees. After dinner, Shannon and I each ate three mini Snickers. We will be drinking hazelnut coffee in the morning. And I'll try to read Lane her new book, but she'll probably just want to chew on it this year. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is about the only book that holds her attention these days.

I'm beginning to think that we are the most blessed family ever to live in a different country than they're from. We have so many friends and family who go out of their way to show us that they love us. We receive packages on a regular basis. Friends bring us things when they come to (or through) Istanbul. (We've received our high chair, all of Lane's Christmas and birthday presents, black beans, Gouda cheese, and my favorite tea, Taste of London, this way). Our families regularly sit in front of a computer screen to skype with us. People we've never met before who stay a night or two with us on their way through town leave us with American goodies. We lack for nothing.

THANKS!, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Tommy, for a Christmas package that brought smiles to our faces, and a reminder once again that we are loved.

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