Monday, September 13, 2010

While I Was Cooking:

Lane entertained herself with a raw carrot and a piece of toast. I could no longer handle her clasping onto my pants legs for dear life, so I plopped her in the Inglesina. She sat there, having a ball, for at least 40 minutes.

The process to get a good photo:

May I have a cup of tea to go with my extended pinky?

Eeeh, macarena!

Get me out of this chair, now, mom!

Now, I tell you, now! Yes, I have that look on my face!

Ok, ok, I am having fun and I do like this carrot!

***For anyone who is concerned about the carrot posing a choking hazard, rest assured that there is no way her 1/8" tooth could scrape off a piece big enough to choke on. :-) ***


  1. Lane seems so happy and easily entertained. Enjoying your BLOG updates.

  2. HAHA, I love the fact that you put a "Surgeon General" warning on this! Very proactive of you!


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