Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Losing It

My hair, that is.

I had heard that after you have a baby your hair falls out. But I didn't believe it. I mean, while I was pregnant my gums didn't bleed, I never peed my pants, and I could always still put my own shoes and socks on. So I figured that this was just one of those things that people say but that doesn't actually to happen to anyone except a select few.

An average pull for my hairbrush.

I guess I'm one of those "select few."

Seriously, I should be bald by now. If I lose this much hair every day, how is it possible that I'm not bald? I brush my hair more often now, because I'm tired of finding my hair strewn about the house. I brush it in the morning when I first wake up. I brush it before I take a shower. I brush it after I take a shower and while/after blow drying it. I brush it before I go to bed. And my hair. is. everywhere.

The bigger picture: hair, hair, everywhere!

I've taken to brushing it over the bathroom sink, because at least that way I can gather it all up and throw it away. I pull it out of the shower drain basket-thingy (anyone know that that thing is actually called?). I find it on my clothes. I find it in my daughter's fists. And, heaven forbid, sometimes I find it in my food.

Oh my.

Has anyone else out there experienced this? How long will it last? Can I do anything to encourage my hair's roots to stay put? I'm usually not one to use a million beauty products, but this...this, I cannot handle much longer.

Maybe I should just get pregnant again. That might work.


  1. I am dealing with the same thing. it's terrible! I'll be checking back to read your comments to see if anyone leaves any good advice.

  2. Hey Michelle. This happened to me after the birth of our 2nd. I too thought I would surely go bald. I did some simple research on it and found out that there's nothing at all you can do. Mine lasted about two months, which is average, I think. Did you recently wean her? Sometimes that change of hormones triggers it.

    One word of caution- watch for hair tourniquets. If Lane is screaming for no reason, check her toes. Those hairs can wrap around them and make a tight squeeze.

    Hope it all "comes out" okay!

  3. It's happening to me too! And to my coworker who has a 6 month old. What I want to know is, when does it END? Yikes.

  4. Amy, no, she's still nursing 5-6 times a day. I don't remember when it really started...I just know that recently I thought, "This has gone on long enough!" Argh.

  5. Laura told me this morning she's dealing with the same issues after having had Gavin. I had no idea this happened! I hope it ends soon for you though and without any of those "hair tourniquets!" Yikes!

  6. Could also be compounded by stress. I have lost gobs of hair each time I've lived in another country for an extended time. I agree--it stinks. Did your hair get thicker while you were pregnant?

  7. Erica, I don't recall my hair getting thicker...but I also don't recall losing that much of it. It was harder to tell, though, because it was shorter. Le sigh.

  8. I really began losing mass amounts of hair when Aiden was 1 or 2 months old, amidst nursing. And now... after commencing nursing entirely... the hair loss begins all over again.

    Fun times!

  9. Yikes...I hope this doesn't happen to me... I already lose a LOT of hair everyday. It's disgusting. You can't even see the bathroom floor when I'm done brushing and blowdrying my hair... I can only imagine how much more I would lose after pregnancy.


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