Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mommy Raves

Mommy Rave #3...

ERGO Sport Carrier

We love this baby carrier. When we were trying to decide on which baby carrier to get, I told Shannon that this was the one I wanted, because I'd received so many recommendations for it. My friends Amber, Charity, and Megan all raved about theirs. ERGOs are a little more expensive than some of the other baby carriers out there, but...we love ours! It was given to us as a gift by some people that Shannon worked with. They had asked us what we wanted and I immediately replied, "The ERGO!" because it was a good thing for lots of people to contribute to.

We use the ERGO every single time that we leave the house with Lane (here in Istanbul...we didn't use it quite as often in the States since we drove places most of the time). The sidewalks here are horrible, so her stroller gets very little use (although we were so grateful to have it in the airports!), but the ERGO...we get lots of use out of it and are already talking about how we'll need to buy another one when we have another baby. Maybe we'll get a blue one, or a cranberry
one. Oh, the options available!

So, why is the ERGO so great? It:

1) is ergonomically designed to support a correct sitting position for baby's spine, hip, and pelvis growth.
2) evenly distributes the baby's weight between the adult's hips and thighs, eliminating back pain.
3) is machine washable.

Using the sleeping hood at the beach.

4) has a "sleeping hood," which you can put over baby's head while he/she sleeps to prevent their head from cocking to the side or the back.
5) allows you to wear the baby on your front, on your back, or on your side (sitting on your hip).
6) has various accessories that you can attach to it to suit your needs (an insert for babies under 4 months old, a zippered pouch, or even a backpack).

This day we were out and about for 6 hours. My back never hurt (but boy, my legs got tired!).

7) can be used until your child reaches 40 pounds!
8) isn't bulky and can easily be squished into a backpack, purse, or other "storage" facility when not in use.

In short, we love this thing. Our backs never hurt when carrying Lane in it. Granted, it's not like she's a huge baby, but's comfortable and carrying her in it is not a burden. At $105, they're not cheap, but if you're going to be doing a lot of walking around, we think ERGObaby carriers are the way to go!

***I feel that it is necessary to make it known that I am not receiving any monetary compensation for these reviews: I'm simply doing them for my fellow moms and moms-to-be out there.***


  1. Oh my, WE LOVE THE ERGO TOO!!! I do make slings for my babies when they are newborns, but man, once they hit 3 months or so, it's to the ergo. It is amazing!!! I can't recommend it enough!

    Speaking of slings, would you put a little blurb in your blog about my handmade baby stuff? I'll send you a little gift for Lane for you to review if you will promote it on your blog! The websites are,, and there is a Gabriel's Good Tidings facebook group!

  2. this is on my wishlist for the next babeh. used with the cover, you can also nurse without others knowing. :)

  3. Used with what cover, Melissa? The sleeping hood? I don't think that would work so well...but maybe you're talking about something else.


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