Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turtles and Swords and Planes, Oh My!

Last night, Shannon had a dream about me. It went like this:

We were on a flying tour somewhere. The people in charge of the tour kept flying us around in circles so that we wouldn't know where we were. Then the tour guides took us out in the middle of nowhere to see a prehistoric turtle that was the size of our living room. What we didn't know was that they take people to the prehistoric turtle to be eaten. Shannon turned his back and BAM! the turtle ate me.

Well, being the heroic stud that he is, Shannon turned around, picked up the giant sword that just happened to by lying there, and cut off the turtle's neck, freeing me.

Whew! That was close.

Want to know what provoked the dream?

This guy. Fisher Price's Roll-Along Turtle Pal

I really want to buy this turtle for Lane. They have it here. The only problem?

He speaks Turkish.


  1. greg and i had a laugh that the toy provoked the dream. It looks so harmless and innocent!

  2. So funny! It's crazy what our minds do lol. I had that turtle for my kids once, only somehow I got the one that only spoke spanish. Don't think I have even seen one that speaks English, weird.

  3. we have that turtle - it is so much fun! loved the dream.


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