Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!

Alright, I know that some of you have been anxiously awaiting the rules of Scarbrough Fair's first giveaway! So, here's the deal:

We are quickly approaching our 10,000th visitor! Now, I know that to some of you that number doesn't seem very large. But let me bring up a few points about that number: 1) it doesn't include people who view my posts on facebook, 2) it doesn't include people who view my posts in Google Reader, and 3) I do not have my blog settings set to where if you are subscribed to my blog you have to visit the blog to read more than the first 3 lines of each post (you're welcome: I hate it when peoples' blog settings are set to that...what a pain).

So, in honor of our blog hitting 10,000 visitors in the very near future, I am going to give these beauties to our 10,000th visitor (as best I can determine):

Turkish beaten copper earrings. They're 1.5" (3.5 cm.) in diameter. Even if you don't like them for yourself (or if you're a guy), Christmas is quickly approaching...

So, how to enter? It's simple: leave a comment. It can be anything: "Oooh, I love those earrings and hope I win!" to "I stumbled across this blog today and wanted to enter" to "Oh, my, Lane is SOOO cute!" (that would be my favorite. :-))

Contest guidelines:

1) You must leave a comment, only 1 per post from this point forward. Each comment on this post and new postings gets you an entry! Tell where you're visiting from (it will help insure I do indeed get the 10,000th person correct!)
2) You must visit the actual blog and leave a comment there. Comments on facebook don't count, because hmm, you can't be the 10,000th visitor to the blog if you only view it on facebook!
3) If I don't know you personally (and therefore how to contact you), please leave either an email address or a link to your blog so I can contact you if you are the winner.

The winner of this contest will not be random. The winner will be the 10,000th visitor to our blog who leaves a comment. If the 10,000th visitor does not leave a comment, it will go to the closest visitor after 10,000.

So...ready, set, comment! Remember, you can enter (i.e. comment) once per post from this point until I announce the winner.

I know there are a lot of people who read our blog who have never left a comment before. Hopefully this will help motivate you all to say "hi!". It will also motivate me to learn how to mail something from the post office here...

***If you don't know how to leave a comment (shout out to Aunt Deanie, Meme, and lots of other family members!), below the post there is a link that says "2 comments" (or 1 or 9 or however many there currently are). Click on it. A comment window will pop up. Write your comment and then click "Name/URL" under "Choose an Identity" and enter your name. Click "Publish your comment" and then enter the word verification word. That's all there is to it. I do have comment moderation in effect, so your comment will not show up on the blog until I've read it and approved it, so don't worry if you don't see your comment right away. I'll still know it's there.***


  1. I LOVE your blog and I LOVE those earrings! :-)

  2. Love the earrings AND Lane is so cute ! :) Both true statements!

  3. what beautiful earrings!!! I would love to wear something so beautiful!!

  4. I'm hoping you get to learn how to use the post office with my address. :-)

  5. Yay! I love contests! I love reading your blog! Those earrings are gorgeous and would look very nice with my growing belly. :-)

    And I hope my baby is as cute a Lane!

  6. Lane IS adorable and I love free earrings!! ;)

  7. Those earrings should belong to me. :)

    Love you! Thanks for the mommy tags!

  8. I have to agree, Lane IS so cute!

  9. 1. I miss seeing your faces around here.
    2. Lane is SO cute :)
    3. I think those earrings are darling, and would be an excellent thing to win!

    Either way, hope you guys have an excellent weekend!

  10. Humphf, too bad you're not looking for the 10th commenter because then I'd win the awesome earrings! Only 9,990 more comments to go ;)

  11. Love those earings and love scarbrough Fair!!!

    Tara Pierce

  12. Love your blog Michelle! Congrats on 10,000 visitors!

  13. I'm commenting so I can win! Woo-hoo! ;-)

    And I would LOVE to go take pictures of Lane where you are, haha. Now I just need to be able to afford the airfare..hmm.. ;-)

  14. I've enjoyed reading your blog and have orderd an ERGO after hearing your thoughts on it. Lane is ADORABLE and I love jewelry!

  15. Alright, sign me up. My birthday is coming up!

    I always LOVE reading your blog - it is SOO interesting.


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