Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Package!

Today we got a package! Actually ,we got two packages! Shannon's dad wanted to mail him a couple of magazines, so we asked for a couple of things for Lane too.

Our first packages!

I haven't had much luck finding baby clothes here yet. Most of Lane's next-size-up clothes are summer clothes, since that's what was out when people were shopping for her. So, we needed some new pants to go under the cute dresses and over her onesies. I also had heard good things about mesh teether food bag things, so I asked for a couple of those so Lane could try them out. I haven't see socks here with the rubber grippers on the bottom (ok, actually I did see them at the Gap, but they're 10 lira ($6.75) a pair!), and since Lane is pulling up and cruising all over our hardwoods, those socks are much needed!

The loot!

While you can get children's Tylenol (or similar) here, you have to have a prescription for it, which I don't have. I wanted to avoid a $100 trip to the doctor just to get a prescription, and since Lane is teething, I didn't think our small supply would last until her 9-month checkup. And of course, there's the magazines for Shannon!

Sportin' the new duds! New socks, pants, and eating an apple!

Immediately after Lane woke up from her nap I put those jeans and socks on her (it was a chilly day!) and cut up some apple to put in the mesh feeder bag for her. She loved it and carried it around the apartment with her for the rest of the day (I had to replenish the apple!).

So, a big shout out and THANKS! to Lyn and Cindy for our first care packages...we appreciate them so much!


  1. How do the pants fit? I still have trouble finding pants that fit Ava. Seems Old Navy jeans are the only ones that fit her, as long as she's in diapers. If I potty train her successfully, then those pants will fall off without diapers to hold them up! Argh!

  2. Di, they're good in the length and a little big in the waist. I think with a cloth diaper they'll fit well, but we're on a cloth diaper strike right now...Lane has a diaper rash that we just can't get rid of. Funny how it happened right after my Mommy Raves post about Angel Baby Bottom Balm!


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