Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I think it's finally spring in Alabama!

Being pushed around in the stroller is exhausting!

On Sunday our friends Greg and Diana (and daughter Ava) came down from North Carolina to spend a couple of days with us. They have some other friends (well, they're our friends too, but they're better friends with Greg and Di) here who just had a baby boy two weeks ago and they decided to come and visit us all and then head to Florida over Greg's Easter break.

It's the baby brigade! Jerri and Isaiah, me and Lane, and Diana and Ava

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so we invited Jayson and Jerri to come over and we'd all go for a walk at a nearby lake. We walked around a bit, getting some exercise and just chatting, and fed the ducks while Ava tried to catch them (and Greg and Di restrained her). Diana and I went to Target where I got new pajama pants (my late, late birthday present from Shannon) and sunglasses (my 2-years old, $1 sunglasses from H&M finally broke in half the other day), and then we picked up barbecue from Full Moon Bar-B-Que and brought it home to go with homemade squash and green beans. We played cards while the kiddos slept and just enjoyed hanging out with each other.

I see your pacifier and raise you one!

Diana and I know each other from our time in Poland. We lived in different cities but I met her the day she got off the airplane and she spent a couple of nights at my apartment. We spent some holidays, birthdays, and vacations together in her two years and my three years there. We were roommates my first year and her second year in graduate school. And Shannon and Greg were roommates for the semester before we all got married. They hosted us for our last meal in North Carolina before we left. Diana was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and we cut short a vacation in Hawaii in order to attend theirs. In short, we're all really good friends. It was so good to spend time with them and for them to make the 12ish-hour drive with their almost-one-year old in order to see us. Good friends are worth more than their weight in salt. :-)

Diana, Greg, and Ava (who'll be one on Easter!)

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