Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Last Week

Our lives have been a little insane as of late. Two Saturdays ago we headed to Memphis for a few days of meetings. Since then Shannon has been to an Auburn baseball game, we've been to our first baby shower, we met with our financial adviser, and Lane got her first round of shots today. We've been to the mall a million times to exchange baby clothes for the next size up (or down), trying to get things to be the correct size for the season. I've been to the mall a few times attempting to find new pants for myself since my pre-pregnancy pants don't yet fit. We've gotten all of our boxes from Shannon's mom's house and are in the process of repacking them (they were mostly the last bit of random stuff from when we moved last August). I've been researching the cost of extra bags on transatlantic flights (how many you can take, how much they can weigh, how much they cost, and so on), and of course they're different for each airline! We've been writing thank-you notes, doing laundry (thank you, Lane, for spitting up or pooping on something of mine and something of yours every single day), hanging out with family, and just in general trying to get our lives organized before we move to Richmond in a month. Some photos from our last two weeks or so:

Shannon, Lane, me, Sharon, and Milton at our baby shower given by Sharon and Milton's small group.

Lane got a stroller and a new carseat!

The never-ending list of things to do.

This is what Lane thinks of the college fund we set up for her.

Dinner still needs to be made! Chicken-vegetable stew is always good, especially when you're fighting a cold like Shannon and I are.

Shannon's getting the "get Lane to sleep" thing down!

So that's our last two weeks in a nutshell! Maybe now that we're back in town and staying in one place for a month I'll be better at updating!


  1. wow. That pic of the three of you together with the big smiles... you look so all grown up'ish. Like you've finally "arrived". Congratulations!

  2. Good luck on getting organized! Oh those day before heading out can be so crazy!!

  3. Yay! So glad to see an update :) You look great in the pictures. I'm guessing motherhood agrees with you - poop and spit-up aside! When are you guys going to be in this area? I want to meet little Lane!


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