Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today was baby dedication day at our church, so of course Lane was dedicated. Shannon drove into the wee hours of the morning coming back from North Carolina, because he was in a wedding on Saturday afternoon. My friend and former roommate Stacy came down from Chattanooga yesterday to spend the day with us and to meet Lane. She stayed through church this morning to see Lane was so nice to share that special event with a good friend!

Stacy and Lane

For the dedication, Lane wore a dress that's somewhat of a family heirloom. It was handmade by one of Cindy's (Shannon's stepmom) mother's cousins (I think that makes the lady Shannon's third cousin, but I'm not sure on that...). It was worn by a few family members (I'm not exactly sure of their relation to us...our families are complicated like that) for their christenings 25-30ish years ago, and was worn a couple of years ago by our niece (Lane's cousin) for her dedication. So Lane makes the fourth baby to wear the dress. It's kind of neat to think that any other girls we have may get to be dedicated in the same dress (depending on the timing of our trips stateside and our babies' size at those times).

Shannon, me, and Lane. She slept through the entire thing!

Shannon, me, Sharon (Shannon's mom), Milton (Shannon's stepdad), and Lane.

Lyn (Shannon's dad), Shannon, me, Cindy, and Lane

While Shannon was in North Carolina, Lane and I went and spent two nights with Sharon and Milton. Sharon wanted to go and get some professional pictures taken of Lane, so we took the dedication dress along with another dress. The photos of her in the dedication dress turned out fantastic!

Smiley girl!

And serious girl.

Now we just need to get the dress to the dry cleaners asap, because Little Miss Lane spit up all over the dress. Every time we put it on her. Ick.


  1. So beautiful. I can't believe she's 2 months old already!

  2. that's a beautiful christening dress. a dedication is a special thing to remember. :)

  3. What a special day! Great photos & beautiful dress!!

  4. Oh my goodness, LOVE the photos!


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