Thursday, March 18, 2010

You've Got Mail

Today when Shannon's mom and stepdad came over for dinner they brought us our mail. It included:

-A congratulations card and check for Lane.
-A notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield saying "your care provider may bill you X amount of dollars."
-A notice from Alaska Airlines saying that our annual fee of $75 would be added to our upcoming credit card statement. This account was closed two months ago.
-A bank statement from Wachovia. This account was closed one month ago.
-Bills for our health insurance for the month of April. We canceled our health insurance about three weeks ago since we'll have new health insurance through our new jobs.
-Tampon samples for Shannon. I mean, he is a 14-year old girl, right?

Anyone else notice a pattern here? Wasted postage! (Well, except for the card and the check...we appreciate that!) How much less could be charged for things like health insurance and annual fees if companies would not mail out unnecessary crap? I'm just saying...


  1. Ha!! Wholeheartedly agree!! Cracked me up that Shannon got tampon samples!! =P

  2. That is too funny and we wonder why the country is in the financial shape it's in. If only everyone including businesses had to balance checkbooks and keep up with what's going on!! LOL


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