Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Just In...

Yesterday we took Lane for her six-week shots. She didn't fuss too much about the shots, but she was interrupted while eating in order to get them so she was mad. We gave her some Tylenol so she took a long nap when we got home and then we gave her a bath (the nurse said it would help her legs feel better). Then she just snuggled on my chest for about an hour until she fell asleep. Last night was a bit rough as she never slept the four or 4.5 hours straight that she's been sleeping, but instead she woke up every three hours on the nose, probably because the Tylenol was wearing off. So I was prepared for her to still be grouchy today. But...this is what she's been like instead when we talk sweet to her:

I love being a mom!


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