Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

My daughter's laugh
It's spring!
Strawberries for $1.25/pound
I get to see my sister in six days
I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy pants/bottoms (although they're still a bit tight, at least I can get them on!)
College basketball is almost over: I will get my husband back from ESPN
Lane's stretch when we un-swaddle her in the morning/after naps
Christ has risen!
New $80 Merrell sandals, just my size, on clearance for $40
So many things checked off our to-do list and only a few things left to do before we leave Alabama on Friday
Life will be "regular" for two months, starting in two weeks. Maybe Lane will then sleep through the night
Remembering getting doused with water six years ago today in Poland for Wet Monday
I'm gonna be an aunt! (again)


  1. what?!?! you got merrells!!! for 40 bucks :) awesome. i need a picture, please!

  2. I heard Merrells were good shoes, I had major foot surgery and need good shoes for support-do you reccommend this brand?
    Also, after reading all of your blog I am interested in reading your Poland blog, does that still exist? I could not find the link under the recipes that you mentioned.

  3. I'm not sure about the support of Merrells...this is my first pair. You can go to http://ohthemerrells.blogspot.com/ though and ask them...they have a mild obsession with the shoes. :-)

    My Poland blog has since been deleted...sorry!


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