Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 Months Old

Dear Lane,

Today you are three months old! I can't believe you've been in this world for a quarter of a year already! You've learned how to do a lot this past month, and you've also been on some crazy adventures! This month you learned how to roll over from your stomach to your back. You've started to touch your hands together and clasp them in front of your stomach. You can hold your head steady when we're holding you, unless you're really sleepy! You can grasp onto rings and rattles and things, and you'll reach for things, sometimes trying to bring them to your mouth. You are really good at tummy time, sometimes staying on your tummy for five minutes or more before you start to get tired and complain. You are starting to laugh more, although I can't wait for you to just bust up laughing. You'll talk and make lots of noise when you're getting tired, in a fussy voice so we know exactly how you feel about it! You still like to be outside and will sometimes just close your eyes and take it all in.

This month you went on your biggest road trip yet: from Birmingham, Alabama to Richmond, Virginia. You visited four new states in this process: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. You met your Pops and Grandma Joyce, and you got to see Aunt Rachel and Uncle Lucas again. You met lots of other relatives too! You're getting a bit more consistent with your schedule, but it's been hard on you since we've been traveling around so much, and you're still not too regular when it comes to naps and such. You usually wake up once at night to eat and then wake up for good sometime between 6:00 and 7:00. You're out of your newborn clothes and are in 0-3 months or just 3-months clothes. We think you weigh about 11-12 pounds. You're getting so big! We love you so much...don't grow up too fast on us!


Mommy and Daddy

You actually like tummy time now!

Mommy and Daddy love this smile!

Your first Easter dress and Easter basket.

You're getting bigger, but you still need your rest!

You like to stick 3 or even 4 fingers in your mouth now.

With Pops and Grandma Joyce.

You're so sweet, and you love that tiger!


  1. I love your posts!! Lane is so very cute. You two are surely blessed. Tell me, are you guys still doing the budget thing? LIke $50 a week on food-I love reading your posts re: staying on budget with groceries using coupons etc........ I made a copy of the article that was in the N&O, the letter you wrote about not being in debt, gave it to a friend to show him it could be done but he still doesn't get it.


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