Friday, April 9, 2010

A Visit with the Brookses

Today something fantastic happened.

I got to see Kevin and Emily for the first time in over three years. Now you see, me and Kevin and Emily go way back. In fact, we met around exactly seven years ago at the airport in Warsaw, Poland, when I went to meet them for the first time. We've been close friends ever since. While we haven't lived near each other in about six years, we're the kind of friends that just pick up where you left off. Our friendship was forged in the toughness of living in a country other than your home country, and nothing can change that. Some people don't understand how you can be friends with people you rarely see and don't talk to that often. But if you have those kinds of friends, you understand: some friends you don't need to see everyday for them to be your best friends.

Me and Emily on the Baltic Sea. We took a semi-vacation together back in 2005, before any of us had kids.

In 2007 Shannon and I drove to New Orleans to see Kevin and Emily. James was about eight months old then.

Today: Shannon and Lane, me, Emily, Kevin, Beth (almost two) and James (almost four).

I was very proud of both Emily and myself: neither of us cried upon saying goodbye. But it's never really goodbye. Instead it's always "see you later," even if "later" is three or four years from now.


  1. Such a great post Michelle. I have a few friends like that & it is wonderful. Seeing them again is like the time in between was never there at all. So glad you got to have a wonderful visit!

  2. Most of my friends are like that.:}
    I loved your happy list! And can't wait to hear where you'll be living next. Praying for you!


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