Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just for Allison

Wanted: 1 pair of black shoes

Found: 1 pair of Merrell sandals

I went to DSW searching for a new pair of black shoes since I tossed my Danskos (hate those shoes) last August after forcing myself to redeem the cost of them by wearing them for a year and a half. Why is it so hard to find basic black shoes that you can wear socks with? Anyhow, obviously I didn't find any, but instead I found these Merrells on the clearance rack for half the regular price. Since we'll be moving somewhere (soon to be disclosed) where we'll be walking a lot, I thought that these looked (and felt) like good summery walking shoes. And I knew that Allison would be proud, since she has a self-admitted obsession with Merrells.

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  1. Merrell shoes rock my socks off. I have a pair of summer shoes that look like tevas that have lasted me over 8 years! This summer, I will finally retire them.

    I have a pair of black Merrell Mary Janes that can be worn with socks. If you wear them with white socks, you look all 1950s. Otherwise, black socks take away the focus a bit.


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