Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Months Old

Dear Lane,

Today you are ten months old. We can't even believe it. How did you get so big?

This month you didn't really learn a whole lot of new things, but you've gotten better at all the things you already knew how to do. You're great at walking now and sometimes practically run. You've learned how to hold onto the door frame when going into or out of a room from the hallway in order to not trip on the lip on the floor between the rooms. You like to pause and squat down to look at stuff on the ground or to pick things up, and then you continue on your merry way. We can't even believe that you're walking so well.

You are a hoot, Lane. You now like to hide things under the couch. You push your toys under it and leave them for us to find later. You hide stuff behind the door in the kitchen. You hide things in the magazine basket. You love the refrigerator and when we're in the kitchen and you hear the refrigerator door open, you book it for the fridge and stand there, touching all the bottles in the door. It's hilarious. You also like to come to mommy or daddy and grab our index fingers and drag us off throughout the apartment, sometimes without a real aim in mind, it seems. You still love to play peekaboo, and you also now love kitty cats. When you see one all you want to do is get to it, and when we do get to it, you want to hit it and touch it, and you shriek excitedly.

You got another tooth this month, too! The top left one popped through about a week ago. You were not a happy camper the week it was coming through, and you were very clingy and fussy. But since it popped through you've been in a much better mood. You like for us to "get you," and we chase after you and tickle you and kiss on you when we finally get to you. Sometimes you like to "get" us, too, and you'll grab us and give us a big smile.

Lane, you love food. Yesterday for breakfast you ate a banana and two pancakes. And these were not little pancakes, either! We haven't yet found a food that you don't like, but you really want to feed yourself everything and get so mad if we don't let you. You're wearing a combination of 9-month and 12-month clothes. Most of your tops are 9-months and most of your bottoms are 12-months, although it's mostly because you need a bigger size to fit over the cloth diapers. You're still really petite so we don't know where you put all the food you eat! Some of your current favorite foods are egg yolk, cream cheese, bread (oh, how you love bread), plums, and grapes. You're still nursing three times a day, and it's now one of my favorite times of the day, as you are very snuggly and take your time, whereas it used to be a fight to get you to drink enough because you wanted to go play.

Your little personality is so cute, Lane. You so enjoy being outside with the wind blowing in your face, or looking at the birds or the trees. You love other children and get so excited that you smack their faces and pull their hair. You have quite the little temper, too, and sometimes throw little tantrums where you hit your head on the couch repeatedly and smack your hands on whatever is nearby. You're not very obedient yet when we tell you "no," and you usually look right at us and continue to touch whatever we don't want you to (usually the garbage, the toilet brush, or a wire or outlet plug). But you are still so happy and joyful and are generally really good and fun to be with. We are so blessed to have you, and we love you so much.


Mommy and Daddy

Caught in the act! You're so good at walking now!

Mommy helping you pet a kitty cat.

You're a goof: beating mommy with your toothpaste.

Loving on daddy (he's got a banana).

You love bananas!

Some rare down time: watching Baby Einstein with mommy.

You rode on a tram (and a metro and a train for that matter) for the first time this month. You liked looking out the windows on the doors.

This is new for you: throwing everything (socks included) out of your pack 'n play before falling asleep at nap time.

You're such a cutie-pie!

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