Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today was a good day.

A rare snuggly moment.

We've been here for a little over four months now and I've been praying regularly for some English-speaking friends because, let's face it, my Turkish is going to need a LOT of practice before I can handle non-English speaking friends. Last week I met someone at the park and plan on having her over for tea soon, but last week and this week have just been a bit on the crazy side so it hasn't happened yet.

Anyways. Today I took Lane to the park (I've taken her outside EVERY day this month so far...aren't you proud of me?!? But let's not discuss what time I've gotten out of bed every day yet...) and she wanted to cross through the fence and walk on the sidewalk (she likes to touch the...I don't know what they're called...metal things that the city puts up to prevent people from parking on the sidewalks?). So we were walking and then she wandered into a small courtyard and up some steps. Soon a door opened and someone said, "Come in" in English. So, Lane went that way so we went in. And guess what?

EVERYONE in that office speaks English. Because it's an IKEA purchasing office. 7ish minutes away from my front door. Near the park. And did I mention they speak English?

My (mommy) day ended with this: Lane smearing yogurt and soup in her hair so it stuck straight out. And I think she looks like a boy in this picture.

Lane and I will be going for tea tomorrow. And maybe on Friday too. And next week. And maybe the next week. And maybe by Thanksgiving I'll have some friends here. Because let's face it: I need some friends here.

Did I mention that my God is faithful? Because he is. Oh, yes, he is.

***Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement about my Mommy Regrets. I know I'm just normal, but's good to be encouraged, you know?***


  1. what a wonderful blessing!! There is nothing like having friends, and especially friends who speak your heart language when you are away from the only friends you know. Hope your "tea's" turn into beautiful friendships. God is Faithful!

    Love the snuggle pic :-)

  2. Yay for both IKEA AND making new friends! I'm excite for you :) And yes, I have to agree (sorry!) that Lane looks a bit like a boy in the picture. I didn't really recognize her at first! Haha. Congrats on the giftcard too!


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