Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Package!

This package was sent from Shannon's mom and stepdad. Sharon wanted to try mailing something via Priority Mail, since it's insured and should get here faster. The results were that it cost more and it took almost a month (2-3 weeks longer than her previous packages!). We were actually starting to think that they (two bubble envelopes) weren't going to come, but last week (when I was under the weather) they finally showed up. The moral of the story: if you want to mail us something, don't send it Priority! Regular post works just fine. :-)

Some of you may not quite understand why I feel the need to write a post every time we receive a package. If that's you, then you must have never lived far from home, and surely you've never lived in another country.

There are not words to express the joy in receiving a package from America, no matter what is in it.

This package's contents.

It's kind of funny how when you live overseas, the most ordinary and commonplace things are suddenly SO valuable to you. Baby socks with those rubber grippers on the bottom are like gold. I can find them here, at the Gap which is about an hour away by public transportation. But they cost 10 lira per pair. That's $7.14. That's $3.57 per sock. That means that for Lane to have just one week's worth of socks would cost me $49.98 if I bought them here. And that's just ridiculous.

More cute clothes for Lane.

Then there are the things that just make you smile. You can't put a price tag on the look of joy that came over Shannon's face when I showed him the Auburn coasters and cookie cutter. You can't bottle the excitement when a grown man gets all excited over Lane's new Auburn teddy bear, squeezing the bear over and over again to hear "War Eagle!" and the fight song being played.

Auburn stuff! Coasters, a cookie cutter (hello, gingerbread!), and a sippy cup for Lane.

And then there are the things that just make the fact that I have to cook everything from scratch a little bit more enjoyable. It's so nice to know that I have everything you need to make dishes that are familiar to us, or are a special treat during the holidays.

Tarragon and pecans!

So, any of you who think that my posts about packages are boring...deal with it. :-) Because I'll be posting every. single. time. we receive a package. You will all know the contents of the packages. And those who send them to us will know that everything in them is much appreciated. Because it is.


  1. I love seeing what's in your packages! And I loved the pics of Lane in the 10 month post--she's so cute. :)

  2. AMEN! I so understand and feel the very same way when we receive something from home- no matter how great or small it is. It's always a special day! enjoy your new things.


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