Monday, January 30, 2012

Home, Sweet Home (part I)

Welcome to our home! (I'm totally only showing off the rooms that are clean today! Other rooms will be shown off at a later date.)

When you walk in, this is what you see. Lane's room and Shannon's office are to the left. Turkish toilet and regular bathroom down the hall to the left, our bedroom at the very back. Kitchen to the right, living room directly ahead.

In the living room, to the right.

Standing near the television and looking to the back of the room.

Standing at the dining room table and looking into the living room.

Looking into Lane's room from her doorway.

Lane's bed, bucket of blocks, and the ABC cross-stitch I did for Lane.

The back corner of Lane's room (door is left of the kitchen). Kitchen, book/toy shelf, princess tent, chest of drawers.

Head down the hallway and on the left:

The big bathroom. Washing machine, lots of cabinet space, and...

The bathtub! Previously seen here.

We are very, very blessed to have such a big and nice bathroom here. Generally bathrooms are small, crowded, and...just not very nice!

Then at the back of the hallway is our bedroom:

Looking in from the hallway.

See that door in the corner? No, it's not a closet. Or I guess it is...of a kind...

Our second (or third, if you could the Turkish toilet) bathroom. It was very useful when I was pregnant and getting up a couple of times a night to pee. Now that the weather has turned cold (it's in the 20's today) we've closed it off and are just using the big bathroom, because it is cold in this bathroom! We can't close the little window, so the cold air from outside seeps in, making our entire bedroom cold. Now we're just keeping Lane's last birthday present in there (saving it for a rainy day, since she doesn't know the difference).

Ok, back into our bedroom:

To the right (from the bathroom): our wardrobe (since there are no closets). That bugger is big. It will stay right there until we move again.

Noel's corner of the room. Chair, boppy, basket of cloth diapers, bed, and changing station.

Who needs a crib?

One of our enclosed balconies, located behind the black chair. It's out of use right now since it's freezing out there, but we hang laundry there when the weather's nice.

And there you have it. Or about half of it. Upcoming: the kitchen, Shannon's office, and the Turkish toilet. It might be awhile before you see those...they tend to be the catch-all's of the house...


  1. Interesting house. It is fun to see the layouts of houses in other areas. Thank you for sharing. I know what you mean about catchalls. That happens here too!


  2. Your apartment is very cute and very big. The French apartments are very similar, although our bathroom are much much smaller!


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