Sunday, January 22, 2012

And Then She Was Two

12ish hours of work for a Sesame Street cake...she was thrilled, so it was worth it!

Just checking out the fish at the Istanbul Aquarium.

Family photo with Poseidon.

Skyping with grandparents and opening presents.

Climbing in a "shipwreck" at the aquarium.


The top of her cake. She got to eat the Elmo.

Feeling the iceberg.

Kissing the shark.

Noel just chillin'.

Lane with her buddies who went to the aquarium with us.

Ooh, a lobster!


Birthday pancake this morning. Still can't believe she's two!


  1. She has grown so much!! Great cake!! Happy 2nd birthday to Lane!

  2. You made that cake?! It's great, good job! She is so pretty, looks like she had a great day!

  3. Happy second birthday! That cake looks so amazing!! I'm jealous.

  4. 2 is giong to be so fun for you...Lane sounds so adorable. Jessica's favorite color has always been blue. When she was Lane's age we had an Easter egg hunt at Trinity in Moscow, and she would only pick up blue eggs!


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