Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommy Raves

It's been awhile since I've posted a Mommy Rave. This is partly due to the fact that while I have a lot of baby/toddler things that I like, I don't feel like I love them, and that therefore they are not worthy of the Mommy Rave title, since those are things I love.

Well, I've found another thing I love. It's not a baby product, but it could be. Or it should be. Take your pick.

Without further ado, Mommy Rave #5 is:

Dove Body Silk lotion.

A few months ago, Lane started to develop some dry skin on her back. I didn't think anything about it since it was the first dry skin she'd ever had. But gradually it spread to her front, and then to her arms, and then to her legs. We started putting lotion on her, just Johnson's pink baby lotion, and cut some things out of her diet to see if she was allergic to any of them. After three weeks of no wheat or eggs, we determined that she wasn't allergic to those things, so I started lotioning her like crazy. Morning and evening, every day for a month, I put Johnson's lotion on her. And at the end of the month her skin was starting to kind of feel a bit like normal. Kind of.

Enter Dove Body Silk. Last month I bought Shannon and myself some of this lotion because we've had really dry skin. I started occasionally putting it on some dry patches on Lane's legs as well. I noticed a slight improvement. Last week I bought a new tub of this lotion and started putting it on Lane every morning and evening. And today her skin is completely like normal for the first time since early November. One week of regular application of this and the dry patches on her legs disappeared. I love it.

I also feel like I should mention that my legs also are usually quite dry but I don't put lotion on them, because when I shave my legs it makes my skin super sensitive and all lotions just irritate my skin. But not this stuff...this stuff is great. I have soft legs for the first time in years. And Lane's skin is soft. It's not cheap lotion, but it's worth it. Our Johnson's pink baby lotion will not be being used any longer in favor of Dove Body Silk.

So, if you have a difficult time with your baby's dry skin or eczema, or if you have dry skin yourself, try Dove Body Silk out. It's fantastic.

***I feel that it is necessary to make it known that I am not receiving any monetary compensation for these reviews: I'm simply doing them for my fellow moms and moms-to-be out there.***

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  1. I have terribly dry skin--I'll have to try this.


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