Monday, February 14, 2011

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

*Our vacation is over. So sad.

*A couple of weeks ago I saw a man carrying a REFRIGERATOR on his back. No joke. And he was probably at least 50 or 60 years old.

*Shannon bought Lane this vest the other day for 5 lira:

Hilarious, no?

*I finished Shepherding a Child's Heart (finally)! Any suggestions on a good (Christian) parenting book for those with small children?

*My daughter is so smart. Last night as we were going to bed she dropped her fish (the one Aunt Rachel sent). I said, "Lane, go get fish," and she did. Also, when Shannon put up her blocks the other day (before she was finished, apparently), she cried/whined, pointed and the blocks, and went, "Uh!" Caught in the act, daddy, caught in the act.

*It's Valentine's Day! We don't really celebrate V-Day around here, but I did make heart-shaped pancakes for Lane and myself this morning, and I made these for Shannon:

Nothin' says love like Auburn-shaped pancakes!

*Last night I planned our menu for the next four weeks. (Go me. And I'm going to attempt Eggplant Parmesan for the first time. Go me again.) Next up is the grocery list.

*We're considering buying Lane a new car seat. We don't use a car seat on a regular basis, but the bottom line is that we'll need one at some point when we return to the U.S. We'd like to have one for airplane travel. And it'd be nice to have one for those few times that we are actually in a car. We're planning on keeping Lane rear-facing until she outgrows the weight limit (35-40 pounds, I think, for most of them). Any suggestions on good car seats? Or ones to avoid?

*I wrote 117 blog posts last year. Wow.

*Winter here is weird. It doesn't feel like winter. At all. But it's still too chilly to spend much time outside. I can't wait for warmer weather so we can go to the park or just stay outside for a long time.

Lane, wishing to go outside.

*Shannon's mom and stepdad are coming to visit in April/May! We are SO excited!

*Lane is fully recovered from her sickness. We went back to the doctor last week for her first MMR shot and she didn't even cry. She had also gained 1/4 of a pound since her appointment the week before. And her appetite is back in full force!

*Looking at our next three months totally stresses me out. Totally.

*I have made some really yummy stuff lately! This soup is yummy and healthy. I also made banana pudding last night (not healthy, but definitely yummy). I keep forgetting how much I love some of my recipes! I need to make a "favorites" section over on our recipe blog.

*I realized the other day that I seriously need new socks and underwear. Must. go. shopping.

*I love this girl.

Oh, at the cuteness.


  1. We use the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 XTSL. It will do rear facing up to 45 pounds and forward facing up to 80. It folds flat and has a strap to carry it (although at 30 pounds I don't know how far you would want to lug it. It's airline approved and isn't super wide like some others (it will fit 3 across in a car). We've used it for almost a year now and I really like it. I don't have any complaints about it so far. I don't have any experience with Britax, but I've heard good things about them too.

  2. "Don't Make Me Count to Three" (which does NOT endorse counting) by Ginger Plowman, and the Bible verse chart that goes with it. Very practical--I wish I'd had it 13 years ago.
    When you feel stressed out, remember we're praying for you.
    And that girl is ADORABLE!!

  3. the picture of her in that vest is adorable!!

  4. Sweet vest Lane. Love it. I think it is awesome that Shannon actually bought it.

    We brought a 3 in 1 carseat with us for Calvin, we had planned on using it as a convertible rear facing seat with Micah, but unfortunatley it will not fit in our van in the rear facing position. We even have a bigger vehicle for this side of the pond, too, so you might think about that as you explore seats. We are borrowing an infant seat right now, but when my parents come they'll bring an infant seat that goes up to 30 lbs. I really like Britax seats but they are heavy.

  5. I second the "Don't Make Me Count to Three" recommendation. I'd also recommend "Raising Godly Tomatoes". You can read pretty much the whole book on her site-- -- just click down the links on the lefthand side.


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