Sunday, January 9, 2011

Operation Unpack

Well, we got all moved! We're now discovering the quirks of the new apartment (like "hot" water that's really only lukewarm) and trying to learn our neighborhood. We think we like this apartment better... the family's decorating tastes are more akin to my own so it feels more like home...more like we're just living in a furnished apartment and not in someone else's home.

We moved on Friday and got a bit unpacked. We got a bit more unpacked yesterday, but Saturdays are always rough because of church in the evening, so we didn't get that much done. Today while Shannon was gone I determined to get just one room clean and fully unpacked. I picked the living room/office/entryway. I succeeded:

Our new living room. I even cleaned the windows and moved the couches and vacuumed underneath them!

The only thing that's ours in the blanket...I bought it ten years ago in China and have been toting it around the world with me ever since. It's toasty warm!

Our "entertainment center." All of Lane's books are on the bottom and on top is my favorite wedding photo and a Yankee candle that Shannon got me for my birthday.

I love this hutch. It's old and rinky-dink, but it's got character. And it's full of things that are actually ours!

The dining area/office area. I'm so excited that Shannon has a desk now!

A clean entryway/hallway!

Up next: the kitchen.

The food we brought, which is waiting on (clean) cabinet space.

Oh, at the mess and disorganization. It's driving me crazy.

Messy, messy, messy. Ick.


  1. I know what you mean--I hate that feeling of disarray when we first move in. But it looks like you're doing a great job putting it in order. Are all the Willow Trees yours? I love those!

  2. Looks great, Michelle! Hope you all have blessed times at the new place :)

  3. Yup, Kecia, they're ours. One was my first Mother's Day gift from my mom, one was an engagement present from my mom, and one was a wedding gift from someone else. :-)

  4. This looks like a nice place. I
    like it - looks comfy!!

  5. No. way.
    Is that the blanket from China that you bought the summer we roomed together?! I remember when we bought those blankets. If so, I still have mine, use it all the time, and will probably never part with it. It's so super cozy.

  6. Yup, it is! Remember how the guy wanted twice as much as we paid for them, but we just kept adding blankets and keeping the price the same? I love that blanket!


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