Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mommy's Little 'Fro Girl

I've always been told by hairstylists that I have very fine hair. Thankfully, I have a lot of it, so it doesn't appear that I'm lacking in the hair department, but it's still very thin and fine. It doesn't hold a curl. If I let it air-dry I get all sorts of wispy pieces and funky waves.

Shannon also has very fine, soft hair.

Lane apparently has inherited it from us. She was born with a full head of dark hair but of course it started falling out a month or so later. Then she had the bald spot that so often characterizes babies who lay on their backs a lot. When she started spending more time on her tummy at around four months old, the hair started to fill in. Now, eight months later, she has a head full of hair again. But it's fine. And soft. And when we wash it and don't brush it before it dries (and it dries in like four minutes because it's so fine), it looks like this:

It sticks up all over the place until she's sweated enough to build up some oil to hold the hair down.

It just totally cracks me up.

"Whatever, mom. I don't care. I'm still beautiful!"

Check out those teeth. Top tooth #3 should be joining us sometime this week!


  1. She looks more like you every day.

  2. hahaha. Long live wispy thin hair.

    From, a fellow owner of fine *and* thin hair. :D

  3. Oh, the curse of fine hair - never being able to hold a curl. Here's to hoping (for all us fine-haired females) that straight and sleek comes back in style really soon.

  4. Adorable.
    Have you seen Charlie & Abby Dunn's baby? Oh my goodness, that little girl has some HAIR. It's so cute. It just cannot be tamed, lol. I was the same way when I was a baby.
    Anyway, you're right, she's still beautiful. ;-)


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