Saturday, July 26, 2008

Triple Time!

Shannon's back! It's been so good to have him back. While I got a lot done while he was in Ukraine, it's very good to have my hubby back! We've been catching up on things (bills, sleep, etc) and just enjoying some time together, although we have both been busy and not resting too much. Perhaps that's why I'm catching a cold and Shannon wasn't feeling too great today. Oh well, maybe the weekend will help us relax!

Harris Teeter is having triple coupon days again, and I did the best I have ever done between yesterday and today.

2 bottles Windex
5 bottles Shout
1 Scrubbing Bubbles
1 24-pack Luzianne tea bags
1 lb brown sugar
5 lbs white sugar
Hungry Jack pancake syrup
JIF peanut butter
2 Suave deodorants
1 Suave conditioner
4 Zone nutrition bars
1 50-count Ziploc baggies
1 Pilsbury cake mix
4 boxes Barilla whole-grain pasta
Snyders chips
Skintimate shaving cream
2 peaches
1 large coffee creamer
1 California Pizza Kitchen "Pizza for One"
1 watermelon

Total: $12.71 (and 4.99 of it was the watermelon!)
Total before coupons/sales: $79.62
Coupons tendered: $48.73

Add this to my Kroger trip for the day:

1.7 lbs yellow squash
2.3 lbs grapes
8 oz mozzarella cheese
8-pack Kit Kat
8-pack Reeces
Total: $6.98

And my Walgreen's trip for the day:

20 sq. feet Reynold's Wrap
3-pack Scotch Brite sponges
Total: $1.35

Total for the week's groceries (thus far): $21.04

And...I didn't even use all my coupons! But we're going to Asheville tomorrow for Bele Chere and I won't be going shopping. So...the savings end here! It sure was fun though...especially my first balance due was $.62. That was fun. :-)

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  1. You rock!
    I spend more than that per week :)
    BUT I do use coupons. I'm happy when I save over $5! But our stores don't double. Where do you get your coupons?


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