Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Lazy Week (or Maybe Not-So-Much, Actually)

How has it been a week since I posted? That just doesn't seem possible. I feel like I update fairly often, but once a week doesn't sound like that much. Oh well. There's not much I can do about it, at least not when our lives are as (not boring, not boring...) relaxed :-) as they currently are. Actually the truth is that this past week has not been relaxing for me. Shannon's been gone so I've been trying to take care of all the little things that need to be done so that when he gets back we can enjoy our last 3 weeks of freedom without having to tie up loose ends. So...what have I done this week?

*Finally got 65 wedding pictures printed...I'll get started on our album before our first anniversary!
*Menu-planned and grocery shopped.
*Cleaned all (ok, ok, not all, but most) of our windows. The cobwebs and 10 years worth of dirt and grime are gone!
*Designed a wedding program for Bonnie and Brian. Hopefully I'll go get them printed tomorrow and can start tying them together.
*Baked banana bread.
*Made a summer squash pizza. Yummy!
*Visited the local library, farmer's market, electric company, bank, Lowe's, and Goodwill.
*Got my grade back from my summer class...I got an A-...yay!
*Negotiated my way out of a fine from the water company. We received a bill on Wednesday that was due the previous Monday. The first guy I talked to wouldn't tell me anything because apparantly Shannon hasn't added my name to the account. The guy wanted Shannon to call him. Hello! He hasn't even called me! Fortunately this man's superior was much more understanding of the fact that I wanted to pay our bill and helped me know how much it was (my previous payment had actually cleared the bank but wasn't posted on the bill they sent me!).
*Bought our tickets to Hawaii next summer! 12 glorious days in Kauai and Maui! Woohoo!
*Got new pictures printed for our frames in the living room.
*Finally unpacked the last elusive box of mysterious stuff.
*Went running twice.
*Pruned my rose bush.
*Accumulated 11 mosquito bites.
*Balanced our checkbook (Shannon usually does this...yay me!).
*Got a spare key for our apartment made.
*Sent various emails that were needing to be sent.
*Bought Shannon some birthday presents.
*Oh, and did I mention I worked 45 hours too?

So, while I was sitting here feeling that I didn't accomplish much while Shannon was gone, now I feel much better! Tomorrow I'm relaxing and going out for lunch and then rock climbing with a couple of gal pals. Then tomorrow evening I'll continue reading Atonement, my current reading-for-pleasure. Monday I'm playing Bunko with some girls, and Tuesday I'm making spaghetti (Shannon's all-time favorite meal) because Shannon comes home! The past week was spent taking care of loose ends...the upcoming couple of days will be spent relaxing!

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  1. I'm glad you're making it without him. :) You cleaned your windows!?! That's enough right there to reward yourself with a trip to Hawaii.
    And I really only know a few people in Jackie's pictures, too, but it was fun to see them.


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