Sunday, July 13, 2008 of the new place!

But first some pictures of the old place:

And here's our new home! You can click on pics to enlarge them.

The living room, before and after

The kitchen, before and after:

Our bedroom:

The "hallway" before and after:

The bathroom, before and after:

So, can you tell that we downsized? I think that the new place is about half the size of the old one. It's ok feels cozy. And it helped us to weed out some of the stuff that we didn't really need and wouldn't be taking overseas with us, so we lightened up early. For example, we got rid of our tv, dvd player, vcr, and stereo and are just using computers for cd's and movies. And we have pretty big closets...all of our luggage, trunks, filing cabinets, games, linens, shoes, and a chest of drawers and most of our clothes fit into the three closets that we have. Wow!

I actually really like our new apartment. It has high ceilings, so it makes feel bigger. We have 6 windows, so we get lots of light. There's an overhang, so I have a bird feeder hanging outside the kitchen window. Our kitchen sink is so deep that I have to bend over to pick up silverware out of the bottom of it. And we have a place next door that gives free bread to students twice a week, so I won't have to buy bread (or bagels, hot dog buns, English muffins, etc) again as long as we're in school. Awesome.

I think that most of our apartment problems are fixed. We got mail today...yay! Our old mailbox (which had a beehive in it) has been replaced. The cabinet door in the kitchen now closes so we don't have paint chipping off onto the counter (or into our food). The molding in the laundry closet (it's too small to be called a "room") has been repaired and now isn't dropping dust and paint chips onto everything. Our closet door has been sanded down so it now fits the frame and closes. The toilet doesn't run. Our back door will unlock and lock. Our air conditioner works. And hopefully the leak will not leak again. It's been a busy two weeks, but with only one more small miscellaneous box to unpack, I think it finally feels like home.

Now I just need Shannon back!


  1. It is a little tight, but you made it look so good! Everything looks so organized. But maybe that's 'cause you don't have 3 kids coming behind you like little tornadoes...
    Mike had surgery on that toe, to answer your question a while back. They put in an artificial joint. He'll probably get to do the other one before the end of the year. Gotta make the most of that deductible!

  2. I like it! It looks homier than the other place...maybe because it's smaller? :) When I moved I lost quite a bit of space but my stuff fit in it better and it just felt more like home. When does Shannon get back. Are you calling me tonight?


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