Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Settled In

Well, it's been awhile coming...about 12 days, I think. You would think that when I'm on vacation I'd have more time to blog, but it just didn't work out that way. I've spent the last 12 days packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, shopping (for things to help with organizing), cooking, selling stuff, changing our address, finishing up my summer class, getting things in our apartment fixed, and correcting other peoples' errors.

It has been a busy, busy week and a half. We had a yard sale because since we moved into a place half the size of our old one, we obviously needed to get rid of some stuff. When we moved in, our air conditioner didn't work. Today our electricity got turned off (and turned back on) because they didn't transfer the utilities here into our names, even though we had asked them to. Organizing is expensive. I think that between last Wednesday and Friday I had been to Target, Walmart, Lowe's, and Home Depot between 2 and 5 times each. Buy, bring home, try it out, it doesn't fit/isn't big enough, return it, buy a new insert item here, repeat the process over again. I'm sick of the store. And apparently, since nobody has lived in this apartment for 10 years, the post office does not recognize it as an address. So hopefully by next week our mail will be delivered to our mailbox.

Today I may have to go back to work. Not sure on that yet...I know that the Waltzes are getting back today, I'm just not sure what time. So my hope is to get the windows cleaned...they have cobwebs in between them and the screens. Shannon and I usually turn the air conditioner off at night and open the windows, but we haven't been doing that because quite frankly, I'm afraid of what might crawl in.

Shannon leaves for Ukraine on Friday. I don't think we've been apart for more than a night since we got married, so this will be interesting! I'm excited for him though, albeit jealous.

The cobwebs are calling. Pictures to come.


  1. I got tired just reading your post! Why is moving so hard? I'm glad you're getting settled, though. Call me when Shannon's gone and you get lonely. I'm housesitting in to next week and don't get fantastic service at that house but I can usually find a corner on the 2nd floor where, if I don't move and face the wall, I can talk. :)

  2. Mike went to Ukraine a few years ago, and he's going to Russia this fall. I get jealous a lot.
    I'm going WITH him to Mozambique next May though, "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise."


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