Thursday, December 3, 2015

19 Months Old

Another month has come and gone. So crazy how quick the time goes! Raye is now the same age that Lane was when we went to the Canary Islands. When we taught her how to sleep in a big-girl bed (WHAT were we thinking?!?!). When I was six-and-a-bit months pregnant with Noel. She's the same age that Noel was when we took our vacation to Cyprus and when I got lasik. Time flies, it's true.

At 19 months Raye:

*still doesn't really have those eye teeth. I think the top two have broken through the skin, but if so it just happened in the last day or two. She has a bottom one on its way, too.

*has learned how to pull our step stool into the kitchen. She likes to fish around in the silverware drawer (often putting things in her mouth and then putting them back, eww), touch all the dishes in the dish rack, see what kind of goodness is being mixed up on the counter tops. It's really cute and really annoying all at the same time, and who knows how many germs of hers we're all getting on our silverware.

*is still interested in the potty. We're hoping to officially train her later this month. She definitely knows how to do it. She just doesn't seem to understand that you're always supposed to do it. After she pees in the potty she starts chanting, "Wuh, wuh, wuh" which means "Raye, Raye, Raye" because it's how we start the "Potty Song" in our house. Then she wiggles her arms around to dance, and this girl can boogie. She's seriously got some moves and loves to dance.

*is saying some more words. Boots, bow, I'm sorry (I orry), water, more. Have I ever mentioned how she says "more"? It sounds like "moy," with her voice going up on the end. She also says, "ah-HA!" with her voice going up at the end. It's so cute. I've also tried to teach her how to sign "please" She pretty much just rubs her hands all over her belly.

*Speaking of her belly, when you take her shirt off she rubs her arms against her bare skin. It's pretty funny.

*is still in a bit of a temper tantrum stage. She knows what she wants and gets very upset if you get it wrong. Sometimes she pitches a fit just because we say "no" about something, but it's more common for her to pitch a fit because we don't understand her.

*really likes to build with Duplos or Mega Blocks. She's particularly fond of stacking all the same kind together, so she ends up with tall stacks of the same piece. She also likes to blow zerberts on your belly, and she's still pretty fascinated with belly buttons and will come lift up your shirt to peek at yours (and put her finger in it) regardless of who's around. And she likes to play dress-up, just like her sisters. She puts on their fake heels and everything and click-clacks around the house.

*loves to play in water. She'd be all over washing her hands but I'm not ready to keep up with her doing that yet. She can climb onto the toilet and likes to try to push the button, and she loves to run her hands or toothbrush under the running water, so I'm just afraid to let her discover that she could use the step stool for getting her hands wet...

*likes to draw or color. She especially wants to be doing whatever her sisters are doing. But she does like to make marks on paper and then bring me her paper and have me "ooh" and "aah" over it. She also likes to vacuum and gets quite mad when I want to do the "real" vacuuming first. She is all about pushing that thing around.

*says some animal sounds (new or not, I don't remember): oof-oof for dog, ee-ow for cat, a low growl for lion or tiger or bear, kuh-kuh for duck, a squeal for elephant, "sass" for snake. We're working on other animals: mouse, donkey, frog, etc.

*weighs 28 (twenty-eight!) pounds according to a friend's scale. This girl has got a belly on her! She's still in 18-month clothes, and can still wear her size 5 shoes, but she's usually wearing her size 6 boots these days since it's colder.

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