Sunday, November 8, 2015

18 Months Old

My girlie is a big 'ol year-and-a-half. She's a hoot, too. At 18 months, Raye:

*is a jabber jaws. Her words are not nearly as clear as Noel's were at this age (nor does she say as many!), but she sure is trying to communicate. She says "more" and "buh-nuh" all the time. It's really too bad we can't figure out what "buh-nuh" means, since it doesn't mean banana (well, sometimes it might). She is also very good at nodding her head now and when we say, "say please," or, "say thank you," she usually just nods her head. She doesn't seem to understand that we want her to reproduce a word. Ah well. She also says shoes, apple, and...I'm drawing a blank. Something like "puh-duh" for potty.

*can put all the shapes into her shape sorter. And all the big shape pieces into her shapes puzzle.

*is very empathetic. If someone is crying or upset she'll give them a hug. She loves to give kisses at bedtime or when someone is leaving. Or if someone else is kissing someone, she wants in on the action. She's sweet.

*still has not gotten those stinkin' eye teeth. In general Raye is laid back and easy going and I can just tell that she's more irritable than usual. Just waiting on those teeth.

*is still interested in the potty and showing us that she needs to go sometimes. She goes through phases of being completely interested (going 4-5 times in a day) to being completely uninterested. I think we'll try to train her around Christmas/New Years when we have a little break in routine. I really just feel like she's too young. She can do it, I'm sure, but I worry about her communicating to us that she needs to go since she's not as verbal as Noel was when we trained her at 20 months old.

*gets very excited about a treat or M&M after going on the potty. When I mention a treat she kind of pants and goes "oh, oh, oh" with her mouth all smiley and open. So cute. She also does that when she's just excited in general, about going bye-bye, eating when she's hungry, and so on.

*is becoming interested in drawing with markers or crayons. She used to just want to put them in her mouth...she's actually put some marks on paper this month. She also likes play-doh.

*loves it when we dump all the blocks or legos out and they make a loud noise. She says, "OOOHHH!" She also likes to put legos or Mega Blocks together, most of the time she stacks the same kind of blocks together, but sometimes she'll try to add onto a structure. She's not as big on the regular wooden blocks, I think because we don't have as many of them and her sisters come and build with them, too, so she isn't left with many to stack. But she does enjoy them when she can have a minute of peace.

*loves to be chased, tickled, given zerberts, and so on. She loves for you to sing with her and kiss her neck, blow on her cheek, anything that shows that you've got all your attention on her.

*is into everything these days. She so wants to play with her sisters but of course she doesn't play the way they want her to, so they do everything they can to prevent her from playing with them. She's getting better at actually playing: stacking blocks, wanting clothes on or off a doll (speaking of dolls, she gives their baby that makes noise hugs when it "cries"), and so on. But she's also all toddler and quite a destroyer.

*is definitely an extrovert. She waves to everyone when we're out and about and will let people (usually she's more ok with men than women) pick her up. She might be a little more reserved with people in our home, but not much.

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