Sunday, January 10, 2016

20 Months Old

A week or so ago Raye turned 20 months old. She's:

*potty trained! Or we're working on it, at least. She's doing pretty well, has an accident every now and then, but for the most part she's doing well and telling us when she needs to go. Hopefully by the time we go to the States in a few weeks she'll be doing even better. Yippee! for only two diapers a day!

Enjoying her Camelbak that she got for Christmas.

*talking a bit more. New words: pee-pee, poo, bowl, bird ("bee"), play (bay), ow, cup, mine, car, bed (beh), bath (baa), bird (bee), treat (tee). And a lot more that are barely words but are pretty consistent.

*into everything. The other day I was making cornbread and knew I'd need to make another pan so I left a lot of the ingredients on the counter while waiting for the first pan to cook. I came back a little while later and there was salt. everywhere. She loves to pull up the step stool to the counter and play with the utensils and touch everything on the counter...she totally went crazy with the salt that day. I have to be more vigilant at moving stuff out of her reach.

*into issues. She knows to blow her nose with them and is actually pretty good at blowing, but if she sees a tissue or a napkin lying around, or if she can reach the box of tissues, you can be assured that there will be tissues or shreds of napkins everywhere. Or she'll go into the bathroom and try to get some toilet paper to wipe her nose.

*finally cut some eye teeth. She has three of them and the last one is closecloseclose to popping through.

Thanksgiving morning.

*is in love with a little Duplo cat, swing, and "bridge" thing that holds the swing. These are her most favorite pieces of all the Duplos and she gets very upset if we can't find them. Lane and Noel have pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that the cat and swing belong to Raye.

*pitches quite a few fits, but will take herself to time-out if we tell her to go. She'll stay there until she's done crying and then will come out. It's pretty funny.

She loves play doh these days.

*is very empathetic. When one of her sisters is hurt or in trouble she'll bring them their blankies, water bottles, or something else to "comfort" them. She'll also give hugs or just lean into them to help them feel better.

*is into everything and we definitely have to keep an eye on her, but she's really fun and sweet. She wants to do everything her sisters are doing and thinks she's big like them. She likes to build blocks and play Duplos and snuggle under the sheets in my and Shannon's bed. She mimics her sisters and is a ham, thriving on our attention. She's just altogether sweet.

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