Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Happy, Happy 4th of July!

Some of you may remember our 4th of July celebration from last year. Namely, moving across the world.

This year, we got a bit more "normal" of a celebration, or at least normal for living overseas. We went to some friends' house and ate chicken sandwiches, fries, and watermelon and enjoyed fun conversation and kiddos playing.

Family photo on the 4th of July, 2011. (We have so few photos of all of us together that it's important to get them when you can!)

And we got a package! What a fantastic way to celebrate being receiving American treats!

Foam letters for Lane, Ovaltine and water flavoring packets, Inception, the Auburn vs. Alabama football game from last year, cayenne pepper, and Reese's pieces and M&M's.

Lane loves her letters/numbers and has been playing with them a lot. Once we're all moved into our new place we'll let her play with them in the bathtub. We watched Inception on the 4th and were reminded once again what a great movie that is and we're so glad to own it now! The cayenne pepper will be put to good use in some yummy recipes. The Reese's pieces lasted all of two days, and I, for one, am SO grateful for the Ovaltine (more calcium for the bebek!) and water flavoring packets (you can only drink so much water and tea, you know?). Thanks so, so much Angela, for showing us the love! (And for coordinating the package to arrive on the 4th of July. Very smooth. =)

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  1. Happy 4th of July! It looks like you had a great celebration!


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