Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Big Move

In case you've been wondering where I've been, you could start by looking here:

Or maybe here:

Or, if you're really brave, you might find me here:

Two weeks ago we moved.


However, the good news for us is that, pending disaster in our apartment (we've already had one [upcoming post...I know you're curious...], but fortunately it didn't require us to move out) or our landlord deciding he hates us, we will not be moving again as long as we live in Istanbul.


One of our balconies.

The past two weeks have been spent cleaning, unpacking, shopping, cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and did I mention cleaning? Apparently Turks don't have the same understanding that you when you leave an apartment, you leave it clean that we Americans do. So I've spent probably eight hours on my hands and knees scraping paint and lacquer off the tile and numerous other hours scrubbing tubs and toilets (well, Shannon [my hero] has done the toilets), cleaning windows and grill racks, sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping some more.

Small bathroom off our bedroom.

We're gradually getting things squared away. There are two totes full of "random" things that either don't have a place at all, have a place but need something (like screws, picture frames, or small storage containers), or need to be repaired (namely about seven things I've been trying to get to a seamstress for about four months now, but she's never there). Yesterday we got all of our shelves and wall hangings hung, other than the things that go in Lane's room, since we've decided to ditch the toddler bed we got her and get a twin bed instead.

Lane's room needs the most work, mostly because this is the first time since she's been born that I've had the opportunity to decorate a nursery/kids' bedroom, and I want to do it right. I want everything to be nice and to match and for everything to have a place. So we're having to wait to buy a few things due to the insane amount of necessary furniture and appliances that we bought in the last month. Tomorrow we're getting the twin bed for her delivered and hopefully next month we'll get a bookshelf, toy basket, and bedding for the big girl bed. We'll also get her wall hangings hung and her fragile things on a small shelf.

Shannon's office is, contrary to the looks of the above photo, the only complete room in the entire apartment. It's full of Auburn paraphernalia. You'll get a photo later, I promise. And I'm so glad I convinced him that we needed that makes a pregnant lady happy! (Ok, ok, he convinced me we should buy it. But I'm so glad he did!)

We've also started our language lessons again (and the homework that goes with them), so between classes, homework, shopping/cooking, and finishing the last bit of settling in, we're pretty swamped. We're working hard to get it all finished, though, so once we're settled in I'll fill you in on all sorts of things!: our disaster, Lane's newest antics, summer heat in Istanbul, pregnancy milestones, and of course, final photos of our place (well, those may have to wait a month or two), and our upcoming anniversary celebrations.

Until then, you can find me up to my elbows in chicken and bones or watermelon juice and seeds, unpacking odds and ends, or shopping for hooks and potholders, bookshelves and end tables, bathmats and light fixtures. Wish me luck!


  1. Target, Ahoy! lol

    The place looks beautiful. Have fun decorating -- That's the best part! :-)

  2. That looks nice, and I'm excited to see more pics. How long do you expect/plan/hope to be there?

  3. So happy that you finally have your own home! It looks like a nice apartment and you did a good job furniture shopping.
    Love, Joyce

  4. That place looks nice! I hate unpacking but it will be nice to start decorating! How much longer will you be in Istanbul?

  5. Wow, I get dizzy thinking of all the times you guys have moved. You're Super Woman in my eyes!

  6. So these pictures thrill me because it's your home!!! I know the feeling, so I can celebrate with you. Have fun trying to put it all together in the midst of language study. Hopefully it will be a stress reliever for you.


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