Saturday, July 16, 2011

18 Weeks (second time around)

18 weeks.

Today I went to the doctor for my 18-week check-up and all is looking fine. This baby is still measuring right on track, has big feet (an inch long already!), and is a GIRL! We're excited that Lane will have a little sister to play with and be buddies with. And daddy's excited to have a gaggle of girls in his house. *grin*

I'm feeling great. I don't even feel pregnant most of the time (well, other than the middle of the night when I have to pee at least twice). I started to feel the baby move sometime in this last week, which is, of course, oh-so-fun. I can't wait until the kicks are strong enough for Shannon to feel them. I'm still wearing all regular clothes, although I did get a pair of maternity shorts from the Gap that I could wear now if I want to (they have that adjustable elastic in the waist), but I don't need them yet by a long shot.

Unfortunately I'm still holding as far as my weight goes...I didn't gain even a single pound in the last month. I'm trying, really I am. I just know that eating lots of junk just to gain weight isn't any healthier for the baby than not eating the junk and not gaining weight. Surely weight gained from empty calories isn't good weight, even when pregnant. Right? I'm trying to eat extra dinner, nuts, olives, cheese and bread or crackers for snacks, lots of fruit and veggies, and a milkshake every night for dessert. I'm getting my 300 extra calories each day...I just think I'm burning them off just as quickly as I eat them!

That's all that's up in pregnancy-land. We just moved last week and I've been busy unpacking, cleaning, and organizing. I have a TON of photos of our place but have been too busy to give you all a tour, assured one is coming. As well as lots of "fun" stories about moving in. Trust me...they're so good they get their own post.


  1. So glad your pregnancy is going so well. :) Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

  2. You look great! I'm glad your pregnancy is going so well. We must be within a couple of weeks from each other, I'm 16 weeks this week! I had the same problem with the weight, this pregnancy and my last pregnancy, and it wasn't from a lack of trying!


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