Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm a Bad Blogger

But I just don't really care right now. I'm sorry to all of you who do check in regularly and hope for updates and/or photos. I'll give a quick summary of why I'm not updating right now (although I will do a post for Lane's 16-month birthday next week, at least):

1) Shannon was out of town this last week leaving me and the girlie girl all by our lonesomes.
2) In that time period I had two meetings and a doctor's appointment.
3) In that time period I proofread/edited a friend's final paper of graduate school.
4) I'm enjoying the fact that my Mac turns on and off in less than 5 seconds so much that I don't want to turn on my old computer (which takes about 8 minutes to turn on and 8-10 minutes to turn off) in order to get our photos from Ephesus and Cappadocia off of it so I can do a fancy-schmancy post over here.
5) We're trying to make some big decisions about our future, hopefully most of which will be made by the end of this week.
6) The weather has been bee-yoo-tee-full these past few days so we've been spending a good amount of time outside.
7) Lane cut her fifth tooth in five weeks (and a day, if you want to count it) today. She's been a crank. It's been wearing me thin.
And 8) I've decided to spend some "chill" time with Shannon instead of writing blog posts.

So there ya have it. I will be back. It just might be a couple of weeks until I feel like our lives are "settled" and "normal" (whatever those mean for us) and I'm up to spending regular time blogging. Until then. =)

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