Sunday, May 22, 2011

16 Months Old

Our happy girl, playing peek-a-boo with Daddy.

At 16 months old, Lane:

*says "ssss" when asked, "What's a snake say?"
*can identify (new this month) her: feet, hands, belly button, mouth, arms, and legs.
*speaking of belly buttons, she likes to lift up everyone else's shirts to look at their belly buttons after she's identified her own.
*has 11 teeth. She got 5 teeth in 5 weeks (three molars and two bottom front teeth). She did fairly well throughout the teething insanity, but boy are we glad it's over for now!
*clasps her hands together when we say, "let's pray."
*bounces up and down (trying to nod) when we ask her a question and her answer is "yes."

Playing in the swimming pool with friends.

*loves giving kisses. She often wants to give kisses to strangers on the bus. Or pull their hair. You know, share the love.
*still just says the four words: "mama," "dada," "nite-nite," and "meow, meow." However, this month she did start babbling usually sounds like "big-a, big-a, big-a..." Quite funny.
*can do most of the motions to most of the animals in Eric Carle's From Head to Toe. (I think she can't do the buffalo, alligator, or cat.)
*likes to hold our fingers to "show us how to feel" her touch-and-feel books.

Easter Sunday. Playing with plastic eggs and little baskets.

*is climbing on everything. More than last month. She can get onto our bed, coffee table, and kitchen/dining room table chairs (and therefore onto the table, too).
*can identify LOTS of objects in her books when asked where they are: frogs, ducks, owls, shoes, the moon, stars, cars, birds, mice, flowers, fish, cats, dogs, and a million more. She can't say their names yet, but she sure knows what they are.
*wants to watch TV all the live-long day. We don't let her, of course (usually she gets one 30-minute show a day, max two if it's a nasty day and we're stuck at home all day long), but she loves the television.
*sticks out her arms and kind of shrugs if her answer to a question is "I don't know."
*is getting really good at "doing her shapes": putting her shapes into her shape sorters. She always goes for the circles or ovals first, probably because they're the easiest. But she can get all of the shapes in if you give her the correct shapes for the correct side of the box (3 shapes per side).

Happy, happy, happy!

*kind of growls at us. Not when we ask her what a lion or a tiger says, but just randomly. It's hilarious.
*"rocks" her baby doll side-to-side.
*can handle a cup fantastically. She rarely spills unless she's so excited about getting a drink that she lifts it to her mouth too quickly. Or unless she dumps it over on purpose.
*puts her hand to her ear like she's holding a phone and says...well, it's hard to write the sound she makes. Think Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor noises. But she likes to talk on the phone and if daddy's on the other end she'll say, "daDA" to him.
*is finally wearing 18-month clothes. Most of her 12-month things still fit her, but she can wear a lot of her 18-month tops, and pants or skirts if they're not too wide in the waist.
*weighs 10 kilos (22 pounds) according the the vegetable scale at the bakkal across the street.

***Thanks for hanging in there with me while I'm on a blogging break. I have more photos for this post, but they didn't save for some reason, so...maybe tomorrow I'll get them in here.***

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